Learn. Grow. Repeat.


We are looking for talented go-getters to various roles throughout the company. However, we only promote from within. We provide a merit based system where effort, tenacity, and grit out weigh tenure and seniority.

At Nieo, we value developing our future leaders and partners from within. Investing time is one thing. How you invest it makes all the difference. Our culture is to develop our people to have autonomy over their personal and career growth. With our current client relationships we have commitments to grow and open locations across Canada. If you have the ambition to learn and lead, we have a REAL opportunity for growth.


"Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things."

- Gary Vaynerchuk


Are you ready to step out side your comfort zone?



Sales Opportunities

Sales is life.

Whether you are coming in fo an interview or collaborating on a project, you are selling yourself. Learn the fundamentals of sales to help develop your interpersonal skills.


Learn to lead.

Like sales, leadership can be taught. Learn the fundamentals of leadership to jump start your way to being a great leader built on the foundation of our curriculum.

Team Leader

Learn how to move others.

Increase your value by teaching, training and developing others. Apply leadership concepts set forth in our curriculum.


Become part of our expansion.

Manage and drive results by inspiring others to develop a vision for themselves.





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